Wisdom of the Minority

Deep Democracy is a practical method to maximize the wisdom of the group. It provides a new perspective on decision-making and group dynamics. It is a view and method that ensures thorough decisions that increase the decisiveness of a team or organization. By not avoiding differences and opposing opinions and by involving them correctly, the undercurrent in groups becomes visible and manageable.

Deep Democracy consists of eight practical tools which can be used to address conflict (surfaced or below the surface) in group and/or 1on1 settings.

It enables decision-making with attention and appreciation for other views. Inclusive of all opinions, without denying and brushing away conflicts.. Hearing dissenting opinions. Co creation. Connecting leadership. By adding the wisdom of the minority to a decision, people struggle less and decisions become qualitatively stronger. By getting a deep democratic mandate for your leadership, you can work togeher faster, make better decisions and create a conflict-resilient culture that matches your participative leadership style.

Deep Democracy is often described as incorporating Conflict (Communication), Group Dynamics, Feedback, Culture (Team Building) & Leadership Skills (Participatory Leadership)

Deep democracy, incorporating not just 51% but 100% of your teams knowledge