Making decisions that last

The Lewis method of Deep Democracy is a practical method to resolve conflicts once and for all. Born in post apartheid South Africa the method has succeeded in the most adverse environments to re-connect people and turn them into high performing teams. It is practised in more than 20 countries around the world.

Deep Democracy consists of eight practical tools which can be used to address conflict (surfaced or below the surface) in group and/or 1on1 settings. Through learning to sustainably deal with conflict we turn the most difficult part of human interaction into a manageable and even exciting project.

Being able to trust in your and your teams ability to deal with conflict allows your employees to share ideas more freely, increases collaboration, improves communication and enables better decision making. People speak freely, in every situation, because they feel real psychological safety. We create resilient and tight knit teams that solve conflict quickly and collaboratively.

With Deep Democracy we create environments in which teams excel.

Deep Democracy is often described as incorporating Conflict (Communication), Group Dynamics, Feedback, Culture (Team Building) & Leadership Skills (Participatory Leadership). The method is divided in four levels.

Deep Democracy, incorporating not just 51% but 100% of your teams knowledge