Deep Democracy in Berlin

Learn from one of Germany's first Deep Democracy & CoResolve instructors.

The Lewis Method of Deep Democracy was developed in South Africa after apartheid with the aim to create diverse organisations without hierarchy in (at the time) deeply conflicted teams. It is practised in more than 20 countries around the world. As a facilitation method, it is especially useful to help resolve conflict and address complex or emotionally charged group issues. It enables us to use our diversity and difference, and to come into a productive flow.

With CoResolve we have refined these tools specifically for leaders to facilitate their own teams. The tools address usual issues of not being totally neutral and allow for the lead to have an opinion on what is being discussed, and not have to become a neutral mediator, but stay part of the group. It is the facilitation method for leaders who want to practise participative leadership even in complex or emotionally intense situations.

Marcel Rasche

Marcel Rasche

Marcel is a user-focused designer throughout multiple professions and an expert in alternative education. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering & ran an alternative education course, which was given an award by the Dalai Lama for being “an education from the heart”. With his company Consulting cum laude, he created a data-driven consultancy focusing on rapid prototyping for millennial targeted products,
He worked as an actor in film, TV and theatre on London's biggest stages in front of over 1000 people per night. He was a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts under the patronage of HM Elizabeth II, and lectured at the Said Business School of Oxford University as well as Google before focusing on Deep Democracy.